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At Exceptional Achievement, we exist to train and equip you to work with teams, to make a swifter, safer, more significant difference in team performance. We want you to be a potent catalyst for better outcomes for individuals, teams and organisations.

We also offer coaching and supervision services directly to clients, to achieve the exceptional.



Taking Your Business to the Next Level


Diploma In Team Coaching

Powered by our exclusive partnership with Coach Advancement, delivering this advanced Team Coaching programme. Align with the ICF Team Coaching Competencies and deploy the powerful

me:my™team method, so you thrive in your teamwork,

extending your reach and impact, in response to the needs of the team.

Team Facilitator training

Designed for business facilitators who want to extend their services to work with teams. You are the valuable guide for overcoming the obstacles which hold teams back as they develop an optimised plan. Grow your business, increase your credibility, make that bigger difference.

Team Development

We use the me:my™team method to work directly with teams, to

deliver outstanding and elusive outcomes. We do this by focusing the team on a specific business context, a key accountability. Safely and objectively, we attend to the team as one body in a series of potent interventions. These sustain momentum and deliver the goals.

Executive Coaching

Our founder Karen Dean is proud to work with a remarkably talented faculty of accredited professionals, in offering coaching services to individual clients. Karen is a Master Certified Coach with over 30 years of experience across 11 sectors worldwide. She will source the best possible coaches to meet your desired aspirations.


Diagnostics and Tools

Our original me:my™team diagnostics are designed for team self-assessment and to gather stakeholder feedback. Focusing facilitation

for more meaningful conversations, that result in real action.

me:my™coach tools are for coaches to invite feedback from clients. Professional closure and insight through guided self-reflection.




Our Experts Are Here to Help You Succeed

At Exceptional Achievement, we are passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals. Our team of coaches has years of experience in executive coaching, team development, and performance optimisation. We are committed to partnering with our clients, led by your agenda. Enhancing qualities of connection and influence, plus desired performance within teams and for stakeholders.

We partner with you to deliver your aspirations.

Our Impact

Our impact is your impact. We exist to resource you to deliver the best outcomes, to step-change team performance and to track the return on investment, tangibly. We provide you with methods, training, diagnostics and tools. You will grow others; grow yourself; while growing your business in a credible, profitable and life-enhancing way. Avoid the stress, overwhelm and uncertainty of teamwork. Join our me:mymovement, to make your bigger difference.



Diploma in Team Coaching:


"Karen’s approach to team coaching and to team coach training is distinctive, razor-sharp and full of depth. I feel privileged to have been a part of it.
The me:my™team coach training is excellent. It combines clarity and focus, whilst allowing each coach plenty of scope for individual creativity and choice. I highly recommend it.”


Caroline Hall Professional Certified Coach


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